Why Choose Lippitt Dental Centre?

We Are Your Families Choice for
NW Calgary Dentistry at Northland Mall!

Lippitt Dental Centre | NW Calgary Dentist | Dr. Chandni ParekhAt Lippitt Dental Centre, we offer our patients the convenience of a full range of General Dental Services such as Jaw Pain & HeadachesSnore GuardsCosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign (Invisible Braces) and more.

Lippitt Dental uses digital x-rays, and other minimally invasive dental technologies and procedures to help you and your family get the dental care they need safely and effectively!

At Lippitt Dental, we combine our expertise along with our passion for dentistry to ensure that every visit is relaxing and as painless as possible. If you require a Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning, a Dental Crown, or a Porcelain Veneer, you will receive our full individualized care and personalized attention.

Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Chandni Parekh is your Lippitt Dental Centre dentist, and they welcome ALL new patients to our NW Calgary Dental practice. Dr. Parekh offers caring, friendly dentistry and invite you to book your complimentary tour and meet and greet of our dental practice. They are both focused on your overall health as well as creating positive experiences every time you visit our dental practice!

At Lippitt Dental Centre, our Dental Team respects your time, that is why we always strive to run on time!

Our Dental Team is committed to the following philosophies:

  1. Your smile is part of “who you are” and therefore your most important asset.
  2. We have an obsession with helping our clients and their families become healthy by maximizing their smile potential.
  3. We acknowledge that the process of taking care of your health and creating your smile is of equal importance.
  4. We will use Modern Dentistry paired with gentle dental care.
  5. Our own expectation of ourselves is that we will always exceed YOUR expectations.

Please join us in exploring how to maximize your oral-health by allowing us the pleasure of discovering your unrealized smile potential!

We also offer extended hours on Tuesday & Wednesdays for your family’s convenience.